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White Falcon is a sustainable art piece depicting the elegance and swiftness of each move of the falcon. Made with oil paints on wooden planks, White Falcon was made to honor one of the UAE's greatest symbols. This majestic bird is a sign of strength, nobility, and vision of clarity for the future.


A captured pixeled frame of the calculated movement of the falcon symbolizes that every motion is with purpose just like UAE. This painting depicts UAE's combined raise in nature and technology.


Looking into the UAE's development in many aspects including art - changing from a standard medium to a digital world including but not limited to NFT- falcon changes from a realistic piece to pixels.

White Falcon, 2023

  • Sustainable art made with natural materials from the United Arab Emirates.


    • Title: White Falcon
    • Year: 2023
    • Size: 140 cm x 90 cm
    • Technique: Oil on the Carved Wooden Planks

    Perfect for interior design in private or commercial venues.

  • Worldwide shipment available

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