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Falcon Portrait is a sustainable art piece depicting the elegance of the bird in a multidimensional view. The 3D effect could only be achievable by using oil and acrylic paints multiply layered with the epoxy resin on wood. 
The painting depicts UAE's rise in nature using palm tree husk dipped in the layered artwork.
Falcon was to honor one of the most noble symbols of the UAE as a sign of strength, sovereignty, and elegance. 


Falcon Portrait, 2023

  • Sustainable art made with natural materials from the United Arab Emirates.


    • Title: Falcon Portrait
    • Year: 2023
    • Size: diameter 38 cm 
    • Technique: Resin, Oil, Acrylics, Palm Husk in the Wood

    Perfect for interior design in private or commercial venues.

  • Worldwide shipment available

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