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Emirati Dancer- fourth painting from the series 'Flow of Nature'. The International Manifestation of Beauty 🌍

This particular art piece evolved from the root I found in the Emirates, where my heart belongs.

The concept is to depict the number of various women nationalities in the UAE. The Flow of Nature series masterfully brings together the global elements of international women living in the Emirates, celebrating their unique connections with the nature of the UAE while conveying a powerful message of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Each painting represents one continent. The art series brings women representatives of three nations so far: Emirati, African, and European, which carry the main principle of the art series: International Manifestation of Beauty.

Emirati Dancer, one of the paintings from this series, swirls through a warm landscape. Her light dress, created with palm tree fabric, mimic the wind-sculpted sands. The texture of the background is made with sand, adding an intriguing dimension to the Emirates scenery. The painting represents Emirati women's nature, femininity & beauty.

The warm, earthy tones of the desert harmonize with her costume, symbolizing the profound connection between Emirati and their natural environment.

Emirati Dancer no 2: Flow of Nature

  • Sustainable art made with natural materials from the United Arab Emirates.


    • Title: Emirati Dancer No 2
    • Year: 2024
    • Size: 70 cm x 125 cm 
    • Technique: mixed media
    • oil on canvas, acrylic, natural palm tree fabric

    Perfect for interior design in private or commercial venues.

    Contact by whatsapp 00971 56 101 8317 or email

  • Worldwide shipment available

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