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'Distance' is a captivating artwork that beautifully captures the delicate dance of human connection. Created on a unique canvas of torn wood and fragments of canvas, this piece portrays two hands, one male and one female, nearly touching. The male hand, rough and strong, is on the left, while the female hand, gentle and graceful, is on the right.

They hover in close proximity, their fingertips almost brushing, creating an electric tension that conveys a sense of longing and anticipation.


The choice of wood and torn canvas as the medium adds depth and texture to the artwork. The rough and weathered surface of the wood symbolizes the challenges and obstacles that often come between individuals, while the torn canvas represents the fragments of their shared experiences. The two hands seem to emerge organically from this textured backdrop, emphasizing the raw and primal nature of human connection.


The artist skillfully uses a subdued color palette, with earthy tones of browns and grays, allowing the viewer to focus on the hands and their emotional significance. The play of light and shadow adds a three-dimensional quality to the piece, making the hands appear almost tangible, as if they might bridge the final gap at any moment.


'Distance' invites viewers to reflect on the universal desire for closeness and understanding in human relationships. It speaks to the notion that, despite the obstacles and differences that may exist, there is always a chance for connection, no matter how slight or fleeting it may seem.


Oil on canvas and wood

50 x 60 cm, 2017


Distance, 2017

  • Sustainable art made with natural materials from the United Arab Emirates.


    • Title: Distance
    • Year: 2017
    • Size: 50 cm x 60 cm
    • Technique: Oil on canvas and wood

    Perfect for interior design in private or commercial venues.

    Price upon request: contact by whatsapp 00971 56 101 8317 or email

  • Worldwide shipment available

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